Allow me to be your catch
Possess my body with every touch
Rise above me like a wave in the sea
Dig into my skin, take all that you see.
Devour my essence, make me all yours
Do as you please behind closed doors.
Spin my body out of control
Love me until you wake up my soul.
Wake up my soul, make me come alive 
Without your sex I cannot survive. 
And when we explode breathe into my body
I know you want me dirty and naughty.
Wake up my soul, go into me deep
Your love is the best before falling asleep.    

All that happened between us seems like a dream
Only body remembers every moan every scream
Every kiss, every moment, all your body and tongue 
Underneath your weight watch me come undone.
Let the thoughts run away with our desire
I'll ignote your fantasies while you set me on fire.
Skin to skin,
I feel you within.
Come from inside me, destroy my senses 
While I come undone I'll put down my defences.
Nothing will guard me, the walls crumbling down 
Come inside me and I'll let you drown.
Drown over and over inside my tight grip 
As I spread my soul go in to me deep. 

Tired lips whispered,  defenceless hands,
I forgive you all the hurt in advance. 
Let you arms like water lift me up
It's already too late -I am in your trap.
You can love me with merely a stare
Like a cigarette smoke I dislove in the air
In the air you breathe
You're lies are my seethe.

When darkness swallows you and there is no place to hide
Call on me and I'll be your guide.
Leave the lights on and watch me go
To the place where we are out of control.
Shake me, break me, do as you please
Pick it up slow, push it down like this.

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